The focus of this series is on human interaction with the environment. I show a spectrum going from the current degradation of the earth to a more hopeful message where nature regains the upper hand. The power balance between human beings and the wild is shown using symbolism of the Roman Empire and Renaissance through statues and architecture.


Images of people are omitted to let the actions and creations of civilization serve as a representation of human progress at the expense of the natural world. The series demonstrates impacts such as a dead zones, pollution, poaching, and deforestation. They then transition to a tree growing amidst development symbolizing a glimmer of hope for the future: that nature will recover and thrive.

From then on, nature reconquers the earth. The goal is to juxtapose serene images with terrifying reality.


As a society, we do not prioritize environmental problems when they are not immediately visible in daily life. Like these paintings, everything seems fine, vibrant, and beautiful, but as a whole, the earth is suffering.

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